Chesterton advanced rotary seals offer a replaceable, low-cost sealing option, while providing quality and reliability. Designed to fit DIN, ISO, and ANSI-type pumps along with other popular pumps, these rotary seals eliminate pump, shaft sleeve wear and have a self-aligning capability.

All indicated profiles are SKF standard machined seals. SKF can produce virtually any profile in any dimension.

Rotary Seals. Rotary seals are used in components with oscillating or rotating parts to keep lubricating fluids in while preventing ingress of mud and water. Trelleborg seals help improve components' life and long term performance.

Kalsi Rotary Seal Product Index Catalog of Rotary Shaft Seal Styles and Sizes. Kalsi Engineering's rotary shaft seal product line consists of several patented styles …

Rotary seals can seal fluids, grease, oil, mist or other corrosive or abrasive media within a dynamic rotating seal application. Seals can be engineered in a multitude of materials, dimensions and for numerous applications.

Rotary seals provide a seal for oxygen, gases, water, other fluids, hydrocarbons and food materials. They are found in any machinery with a spinning component within the hydroelectric power, hot and cold steel rolling, chemical and petroleum processing, automotive manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical, machine tooling, pulp, paper and textile ...

123Bearing offers a wide range of o-ring seals, rotary shaft seals, v-ring seals, hydraulic seals and more

Rotary Shaft Seals The Rotary Shaft Seal is used for excluding dirt, dust, water or other particles, while retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment. It was developed as …

Rotary Seals, Shaft Seals and Oil Seals Rotary Seals involve rotational motion from a shaft and housing. Used in oscillating or rotating parts, their primary function is to keep lubricated fluids in, whilst preventing the ingress of contaminants, such as mud and water.

Rotary Shaft Seals are used in components with oscillating or rotating parts to keep lubrication fluids in while preventing ingress of mud and water. Spareage seals …

A large number of shaft seals are used at drive shafts to keep liquids securely within the equipment. But leaks may be more likely to occur if the pressure acting on the seals becomes too great. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a new rotary seal, the Gerromatic, which has a …

The PV-Rating of an AHPSeal rotary seal gives an indication of the seal's ability to withstand the stress applied to a seal due to sealing pressure as the shaft rotates with velocity. The higher the PV-Rating is, the higher the seal's ability is to handle a higher combination of pressure and rotational velocity, with 10 being the highest.

Series 442: High-Speed Rotary Seal The 442 Series High Speed Rotary Seal is a premium seal that offers a significant advantage over traditional rubber-and-textile rotary seals through its highly flexible, dual-construction internal metal spring and seal lip.

Get dependable rotary shaft seals from Grainger. Help retain bearing lubricant and minimize the entry of dirt, oil and moisture that can damage and cause premature failure of the bearing and other components.

Kalsi Seals® are a family of patented, one-piece rotary seals that provide hydrodynamic lubrication to minimize seal and shaft wear, and to accommodate high differential pressure. They are used for lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion.

Design Product Type Materials Temperature* [°C] Speed* [m/s] max Pressure* [MPa] max Range [mm] Remarks Details; min max from to

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M16 Rotary Shaft Seal The M16 is a double-acting seal set for pivoting motion in hydraulic systems. It has a profile ring and an o-ring as energizing elements, with outside sealing.

CUSTOM MOLDED SEALS Highly specialized, custom, reliable seals, wipers, gaskets, boots, and mechanical seal components serving the automotive, industrial, agricultural, aerospace and military markets. ROTARY SEALS Expertly design shaft seals for dry-run or sealing fluids, grease and other compounds during dynamic rotating applications.

Split Clipper® rotary shaft seals have the same superior characteristics as solid general purpose Clipper oil seals, but are factory-split for easy installation.

Rotary shaft seals (oil seals) are vital components for many machines and vehicles in operation. We supply a range of oil seals in metric and imperial sizes. Rotary shaft seals (oil seals) are vital components for many machines and vehicles in operation. We supply a range of oil seals …

Bal Seal ® spring-energized rotary seals. We offer several families of rotary seals suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressure/velocity (PV) applications. Our spring-energized rotary seal solutions include flange seals and seals with metal locking devices.

Rotary V-Seals are all elastomeric rotary shaft seals that will stretch across any shaft size. One of the original rotary sealing products; for certain rotary applications they are still an optimal solution for the cost. Manufactured across a range of traditional elastomeric sealing materials Rotary v-seals can stand up to high temperatures.

Mechanical Rotary Shaft Seals. In most applications, the primary function of mechanical rotary shaft seals is to retain the bearing lubricant, avoid leaks and minimize dust, dirt and moisture ingress that can lead to premature failure of the bearing and other system components.

Hi-Tech Seals offers a wide range of light duty, industrial and agricultural Mechanical Seals used for centrifugal pumps and compressors. The product creates a seal when the two flat seal faces are pushed together by axial force from the closing mechanism. When the seal is in operation, the pumped fluid product lubricates the two seal faces.

A rotary shaft seal, or lip seal, is a sealing ring for rotating parts such as ball bearings. Read more Its rubber composition makes it waterproof and dust-proof, thus protecting the bearings.

Oil Seals are used to seal around a rotating shaft and keep an oil-based lubricant inside an axle, engine, etc. Grease seals are used to seal more viscous grease lubricants in rotary shaft applications.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions. Our range of products includes O-Rings, hydraulic seals, rotary shaft seals, oil seals, static seals, pneumatic seals, mechanical face seals and many more. Find out more about us in our company presentation film